Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Another year gone by !!!

Wishing all past & future guests at Marqueze,

 a Very Happy New Year. 

We have done a bit of an upgrade this year, with 2 of the 4 bedrooms. Both have new beds, mattresses & a general jollying up, with a good splash of colour too. I hope you like it, we are quite pleased.

 All the garden has survived the long hot dry summer of 2016 & is now looking well established enough to survive another.
We had good guests this year, mind you they are usually pretty good.


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Wishing all, past & future, guests
 at Marqueze a 
Very Happy New Year 2016.
 May it bring you health & happiness.

 From Steve & Tessa

Friday, November 1, 2013

Better photo gallery......

In addition to the web-site, here are more photos 
& floor plans of Marqueze. The bedrooms are numbered to correspond with the floor plan.

 This is the living room with the beautiful cool, stone paved floor, which is the center of the house. The front door comes straight into here off the covered  terrace.

 To the right of the living room is this double bedroom (3), with wardrobe & C of D
 & the twin room (4) pictured below.

 Shower room which is in between the 2 above bedrooms.

 Another kitchen photo.

 To the left of the living area are the other 2 bedrooms,
 one double (1) & one twin bedded (2), both with walk in wardrobes & C of Ds.

Finally the large wet room which has the washing machine
 & door leading out to the back garden.

If you would like any more info or photos, just let me know & I'll send them. Plan & floor plan below.

This is to give you some idea of the outside of Marqueze, the plan below shows detail of the interior.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter 2012-2013

So far it's been a lovely winter, with crisp mornings & loads of sunshine.
 Beautiful walks & fresh air.
 The Christmas full moon was a delight in itself.
 I have taken a few photos of the Lambic (spirit distiller)
 which is parked outside the church at Ferriere,
 the second church in the parish/commune of  Serignac.

 Not a brilliant photo-but you had to be there !

Summer 2012

A few photos of the wisteria in it's glory,
 only planted 2 years ago but obviously a happy inhabitant.

A close up of the beauty.

The summer care & went without any problems. Our guests were happy & the weather stayed good. A tapas bar has opened just down the lane, a welcome venue with good food & within easy walking distance. Lovely !

Monday, June 4, 2012


We are now in full preparation mode for the oncoming season. We have surprisingly good bookings, having listened to the doom & gloom on the radio about the financial climate. So we are very pleased about that.

After having had the most enormous quantity of rain, all the vegetation is looking really lush & green. We seem to be winning against the rabbits as far as the lawn is concerned & helped by the 'English' spring weather. Luckily it has gone back to it's normal rhythm. Here are a few photos of the wonderful flora we have here. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Wonders of Spring

Here are the Grape Hyacinths, which are the first meadow flowers to show their heads. 

                       The Apricot blossom bravely showing it's beauty against the clear blue sky.

The most impressive for me is the Daffodil Wood, I had never seen them wild until we moved here.
 Every Spring it is like the first time.

At last, after a very hard winter, it is suddenly spring. 
It seems that one day it is winter & the next the first Swallow appears , then the Hoopoe & now the Cuckoo.
 All the flowers have kicked into action, what a delight !
  Here are a few photos of the flora we enjoy.